Problema is a collective established with the purpose of formulating and addressing problems – both those of our times and those of eternal relevance.

The original greek word próblema means ”something, which is cast forward”.
Inspired by this etymology the goal of our collective is pro-pose and ex-plore the problems mentioned above and to provoke a sense of wonder and questioning, thereby preparing the ground for critical thinking with regard to the issues of society, art and science.

Problema works through events that contribute to a ”problematic enlightenment”, support critical thought and encourages the participants to engage with problems of both personal and public significance. The events take different forms dependent on their context and content but one thing is common for all of them: They are attempts at opening a space for dialogue between philosophy, art, science and public life.
Problema also publish texts of a problematic and enlightening kind – books, pampflets etc. The goal is to spread thoughts we see as having enlightening or provoking potential to a wider public than the one usually engaged with academic texts.

If you want to know more, you can browse this websites different pages, write us, or simply show up to one of events – one of our goals is to include everyone who is truly interested in the discussions of any given topic, no specific education is required. You can also find us on facebook or visit whatiseducation.net and download our first book for free.