What is Education?

What is education? This question demands that we not only describe the general nature of education but also that we describe the qualities, problems and conflicts, which make up the present reality of education. The question is thus as philosophically pertinent as it is politically urgent – it demands reflection but not without imposing confrontation.  To pose it is a way of questioning the answers that define and govern what education is and can be said to be today.

About this book

This anthology has been informed by a series of seminars held at Literaturhaus, Copenhagen, in which students, teachers and invited speakers discussed the situation of education today.

Bypassing regular chains of distribution, the book has been distributed free of charge and made directly available to anyone: students, educators and educational institutions that wish to arrange seminars or debates on the question of the subject of education.

The editors are all students at the University of Copenhagen or European Graduate School. The book has been conceived on the basis of their experiences with university politics and activism and years of study at these two very different educational institutions.

The project is funded by DUF (The Danish National Youth Council). The project is entirely non-profit and organized by volunteer students.

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